Catventures (19/52)

"I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore... wait we never were in Kansas." 

It was Monday night I was having no luck coming up with something to paint. So, I decided to send the cats off on an adventure! Oz is being his meerkat self, Willow is being her calm self, and Xander isn't so thrilled to be out there.

This was also an experiment doing a landscape painting on sized paper. It was nice not having the accidental excessive bleeding but it also loses a lot of the natural look to it as you either have very shape brush strokes or blend it out to a very smooth gradient. 

Digital sketch

This was my second sketch done on my Cintiq Companion 2 and allowed me to play around with colors. All done with Clip Studio Paint EX. 

I printed this out as a 1:1 reference to block in the cats and love how it looks. It got me thinking about doing comic strips with my cats.