Swim Time (6/52)

Because there's just not enough platypus art in the world. I really like how the bamboo turned out in this. I think that's my favorite part of this painting. It is certainly one of my more detailed backgrounds I've done for this style. I also need to budget my time better so I don't leave all the painting for Wednesday night which has happened for the past few weeks. I stayed up late last night to finish this so I didn't start slipping on my weekly deadline. There was much accelerated drying with a hair dryer required to get this done in one night.

I also need to need to look into gold paint pens. I currently use a brush with gold acrylic ink but it starts to dry out quickly which makes it a slow process as I have to constantly clean and reload the brush. There just so happens to be an art store right by the Meetup I'm headed to tonight so hopefully I'll find something good there. Though this probably means I would lose the brush stroke look which I might not actually like.