Welcome to the Jungle (4/52)

It's not all fun and games when it takes forever to come up with an idea for the week. I had a busier week than normal too which was starting to make this task feel a bit daunting. I was trying hard to come up with a landscape idea again to no avail so I tried to just go with the unusual subject matter for Asian paintings theme. This was a fairly freeform painting with just the stegosaurus sketched out first. I'm not a huge fan of how the perspective on him turned out nor how crisp the brush strokes are on him (compared to the rest), but overall I like the look of it. 

With week 4 complete, am I very glad to see I actually made it through the first month of this project and kept on schedule! Just 48 more paintings to go.


Now, as for one big reason why my week was busier than normal....

New kitty!!! This is Xander, he came home with me from the Homeward Pet Adoption Center on Saturday. He's a very shy guy but has made excellent progress so far. Now I just need to work on getting Willow to stop hissing in his cute little face. There will be more photos of Xander to see in my Instagram feed.