Oz Meowl (3/52)

Oz Meowl - Final piece and very first scan on my fancy schmancy new scanner.

Why, look! It's Oz again, sorta. Somewhere in a magical land there's the cutest little Oz meowl... kitlet? I was having trouble coming up with inspiration for a landscape painting so I decided to go with this old idea to keep the project going. If you are you unfamiliar with the concept of meowls, do yourself a favor and Google it.

The sketch

This painting was done on semi-sized Xuan paper to control the bleeding, but I'm not sure if that was the right call. Perhaps I'll do a second meowl painting later on raw paper to see. I debated doing this on watercolor paper but felt it was a better fit for the texture of Xuan paper with all the white space.

Originally my sketch had him with his eyes open, you can still see the faint marks of this in the sketch. I was having trouble getting the expression right so I went with his eyes closed. Partway thought the painting I realized he probably should be squatting more if he was taking a nap. So I guess he's more just basking in the sunlight.