Welcome to the world of DMoSan.

Janurary 2014 saw the start of Art for a cause. 15% of all sales will be donated to a chosen charity.

DMoSan is the works of Derek. He is a primarily self-taught artist drawing inspiration from pretty much everywhere but largely from nature, science, sci-fi, and comics. He’s lived in Seattle his whole life and graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. During the day he works for The Omni Group as a software tester and product manager. Having taken a few miscellaneous art classes here and there while growing up, he’s always enjoyed arts and crafts. After graduating from UW, Derek found himself with a lot more free time on his hands and took up painting more seriously. 

Having taken a Sumi-e painting class in high school, he first looked at picking that up again. In this modern age you can find anything on the internet and he discovered the excellent instructional videos on YouTube by Henry Li of Blue Heron Arts. Derek improved his skill from watching numerous videos and took those techniques to apply them to a wide range of subjects including much less traditional ones. 

After a year or so practicing Sumi-e painting and Chinese watercolor, Derek had a strong desire to work with vivid color. This lead to painting with acrylics. Once again turning to the internet for knowledge, Derek watched many videos to study various techniques. His subject matter was even more varied than with his watercolor as there was really no limit what could be done. Eventually he even started to combine Sumi-e techniques with acrylics. 

Always looking to try new forms of art, he gained a fascination with screen printing and now also turns his paintings and drawings into t-shirt designs. Ever wanted a t-shirt that had a raptor with a top hat and cane? Well, now you can have it! 


All images are copyright of DMoSan. All rights reserved.